Answers for the TryHackMe SDLC page

The TryHackMe SDLC is a free module available at:


Question 1: How many phases can an SDLC have? (format X-Y)

Answer 1: 6-8

SDLC Phases Part 1

Question 1: What phase focuses on determining the first idea for a prototype?

Answer 1: Requirements Definition

Question 2: What stage is also known as the “Feasibility Stage”?

Answer 2: Planning Stage

Question 3: When do you outline the user interfaces and network requirements?

Answer 3: Design and Prototyping

SDLC Phases Part 2

Question 1: What phase focuses on the handling issues or bugs reported by end-users?

Answer 1: Operations and Maintenance

Question 2: What phase involves releasing new versions of software?

Answer 2: Deployment

Question 3: What phase ensures software meets the standards defined in the requirements phase?

Answer 3: Testing


Question 1: What does CALMS stand for?

Answer 1: Culture, Automation, Lean, Measurement, Sharing

DevOps Metrics

Question 1: What 2 metrics are used to measure deployment agility?

Answer 1: Deployment speed and frequency

Question 2: What is an essential rate for engineers in Production environments to know if code meets security requirements?

Answer 2: Failure rate

Question 3: What is the measurement for recovery time after a failure?

Answer 3: MTTR

Production of the Droids

Question 1: What is the flag that you receive once you have doubled the empire’s investment?

Answer 1: THM{Ruler.of.the.SDLC.Droids}

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